dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Nike Air Force 1 Ueno Sakura US


It's official, the Nike Air Force 1 Ueno Sakura will be a public release in the upcoming months as a Baltimore exclusive. How did this happen? Nike invited the residents of Baltimore to vote for their favorite Air Force 1 from a selection of 25 AF1s. The residents chose the Ueno Air Force 1 as their favorite. So, some time soon Nike will release these in Baltimore.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you can have affect which shoe Nike will Re-Retro in the near future. From December 1 to December 26, Philly residents can vote on their favorite Air Force 1s at one of two Sneaker Villas.

Sneaker Villa
4 South 52nd Street | Map
Philadelphia, PA 19139

Sneaker Villa - Gallery
Gallery II, 1001 Market Street | Map
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Visit NikeAirForce1.com’s 1Vote for more info

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